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Ethics and integrity are principles that make up the pillars of CRASA and all employees, shareholders, executives have the commitment and obligation to observe them in the acts performed on behalf of the company.

This duty extends to suppliers, service providers, subcontractors and partners, from whom CRASA equally expects to behave and act in full compliance and compliance with laws, regulations and best practices, with respect to social and environmental values.

The Compliance Program, implemented at CRASA, aims to guide the actions of its shareholders, directors, executives, employees and third parties and, at the same time, aims to ensure the transparency and integrity of its acts and corporate relations, in its contracts and in the execution and evolution of his works. In addition, its purpose is to prevent, detect and remedy any misconduct.

Allied to the Compliance Program, the Ethics Channel is a tool available for employees, suppliers, third parties, partners and society in general to communicate acts and events that are contrary to the principles, rules and procedures provided for in the CRASA Code of Ethics and Conduct and in its Internal Policies.

Ethics Channel

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See all about our Compliance and Corporate Governance programs at the link below (download center).

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