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President’s Message


A time of new possibilities begins with CRASA. The year 2019 marks the beginning of this company that was born with experience and a clear purpose: to generate sustainable solutions and results in the infrastructure area, providing society with more opportunities.

We dream big and we have the dimension of reality. Alongside a committed, competent team with a management that values ​​ethics, transparency and best practices, we want to become a reference in constructive excellence and gain recognition from the market and society.

In addition to the big engineering projects, there are more important things to build: good relationships, credibility and growth stories. All of them will be realized with the solid values ​​that are inherent to us.

With innovation, we generate value and overcome challenges. With respect and integrity, we strengthen relationships. This is the CRASA way of acting. This is how we will actively participate in the development of our employees, customers, partners and society as a whole.

Be welcome.

Cid José Andreucci


Great Place to Work measures employee reliability in relation to the company, including organizational climate, job and salary plan, benefits, growth opportunity, infrastructure, management transparency and employee autonomy. We know that when the individual finds his essence and is free to be himself, great transformations take place, and a favorable atmosphere for innovation is created.

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