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Fighting corruption as a contribution to social development.

An excellent starting point for reflecting on this International Day to Combat Corruption is the phrase of the Enlightenment philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau: “Man is by nature good. It is society that corrupts it”. As individuals, we tend to live governed by the moral and legal principles of our times. And, to corroborate and build a better society in line with these principles, it is urgent to debate and adopt measures not only in the public but also in the private sphere.

Regulations, regulations and laws are determined by federal or state regulations, but they can and should also be established within organizations as a way to guarantee the rights and duties of each one, as well as to promote a healthier and more equitable environment. So that there is not only a determination, but a compliance, many companies have adopted or implemented a Corporate Governance sector, as a strategy to comply with all established legal and ethical apparatus.

With a latent concern about this theme, in its values Crasa reinforces its performance in line with respect and commitment to people and transparency in all our actions.

Therefore, it could not fail to develop a specific program to carry out its operations in full compliance and compliance with laws, regulations and best practices, with respect to the values ​​of society and the environment.

As a reflection of the implemented Compliance Program and the Anti-bribery management system, Crasa Infraestrutura was awarded the ISO 37001 certification. It is an international recognition that reflects the effort put into compliance, maintenance and constant questioning on how to improve its performance and society in general.

Among the actions considered fundamental in this process are the implementation of the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, the Code in the form of a comic book, (for workers on site) our Compliance Program and the Whistleblower Channel and Internal Policies.

In addition to the great satisfaction, this achievement reinforces Crasa's responsibility to help build a fairer country through actions that promote the social, environmental and economic development of our country.

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