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There is no plan B when we talk about sustainability

CRASA Infraestrutura released the brand's 2020 Sustainability Report on Friday (28.05). The document presents the main advances of the company in the ESG scope, which comprises the actions and strategies developed in the environmental, social and governance aspects during the last year. The survey had external assistance and consultancy from the Higher Institute of Administration and Economy (ISAE).

Specialist in Environment at CRASA Infra, Mauricio Pinto de Almeida explains that the report is based on the GRI model, which presents indicators used worldwide for measurement purposes. Such monitoring, explains Almeida, is fundamental in developing the best practices present in the market and directly contributes to the advancement of the company as a whole.

“From the formulation of the materiality matrix with CRASA's stakeholders, several environmental indicators were identified. With this, we were able to provide society with updated and standardized information on water, electricity, waste, reuse of materials, training, environmental compliance and other topics. In this way, CRASA demonstrates its information to society with transparency, reaffirming its real commitment to the environment and sustainability.”

Director of ISAE and sustainability consultant for the report, Norman Neto sees it as fundamental to discuss the issue of sustainability in institutions to achieve transformations in our society. “Measuring impact and change, which begins with transforming people's minds, were crucial points adopted by ISAE throughout the work carried out with the CRASA team”, adds Neto.

According to him, the demand from society for conscientious institutional actions will be increasing, demanding planning and agility on the part of companies. Thus, transparency and accountability, two of the pillars of Corporate Governance adopted by CRASA, demonstrate the positive impact of the brand and the organization's commitment to curb wear and tear on the planet. “After all, as former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said, 'there is no plan B, because we don't have a planet B'”, he concludes.

CRASA Infraestrutura's 2020 Base Year Sustainability Report is available on the link

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